Гарри Кимович Каспаров

Garry Kimovitch Kasparov, my hat goes off to him. Unfortunately he is a captain with a very small army. Anyone who stands against the Russian political machine is a marked man. I think Kasparov’s cause is just and his fight good. I wish, pray and hope that he can achieve his goals before the end of Putin’s reign, because I think things will only get worse if Sergei Ivanov gets into power. If Russia is to stand any chance of having an open and honest democracy then people like Kasparov need to be supported and kept alive. Pray for this man and pray for Russia.

1 thought on “Гарри Кимович Каспаров

  1. Yes, Putin is B.A.D., but how do you know what Kasparov is? Being famous chess player doesn’t make you a good man. You have no idea what he would do if he came into power.

    And also, when you are using non-latin characters, set the page alias (right side menu when you are writing a post) to something with latin characters, because otherwise browsers encode those characters and your URL become a mile long.

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