3rd Quarterly Report

late for supper 3rd quarter 2010

Dear Friends
It is time for me to email you my third late for supper update. Many interesting and exciting things have happened over the past three months please read on. Also this quarter many of you are new to my email list, thanks so much for being interested in my creative endeavours. Please remember to visit me at out for lunch and late for supper.

Big news this month is that the first of my 2011 calendars are now for sale. I have three calendars, Flowers, Numbers and The Seasons. I have them with Dutch, UK or US holidays and all calendars are €14.51. I am presently in the process of creating larger deluxe versions.

I wrote my children’s story, The Adventures of Captain Chambers and Princess Moea. Basically this mild-earth-bound-fantasy is a good idea, but I totally missed the mark in my first writing and am waiting for the time to rewrite it. However whilst on holiday I did manage to paint first draft images of Captain Chambers.

My Books are still selling. Saint Nobody is my best seller. a church for others is my first book to break even and Ta! is selling well. My next poetry book Byways, Alleyways and Cobblestones is still being compiled. My biggest problem is still marketing. Another little bit of poetry news is that I am to be published in the 28th edition of Blackmail Press, an on-line New Zealand’s poetry magazine.

Clueless in America my humour travel story is stuck in the process of its final edit. I did send the concept out to one agent who promptly rejected it. I cannot do a lot more until I have a final copy.

Clueless in America

My ‘Home Made Cards‘ have been selling slowly, these can be purchased from late for supper for €13.50 per set of twelve.

I recently enjoyed the challenge of painting a commission for a computer game. When the game is released I will send you a link. I have more paintings for sale, they can be viewed here.

late for supper has its own facebook and twitter pages. facebook people please sign in as a fan, I release information on my fan page that is not released on my personal facebook page or my blogs.

Thank you so much for your support,
Cheers Kel

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