Look At Me Now.

Okay, two things happening here.

1. Just how do so called “Superpowers” get their power?

2. The USA has a policy of not speaking to so called “rogue states”. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

This explanation was offered by newsweek.washingtonpost.com.

Why won’t the Bush administration talk bilaterally and substantively with NK, as the Brits (and eventually the US) did with Libya? Because the Bush administration sees diplomacy as something to be engaged in with another country as a reward for that country’s good behavior. They seem not to see diplomacy as a tool to be used with antagonistic countries or parties, that might bring about an improvement in the behavior of such entities, and a resolution to the issues that trouble us. Thus we do not talk to Iran, Syria, Hizballah or North Korea…

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