Popsicle Paradise

Well I didn’t do too bad. This is me, that behind me is Simonas and taking the photo is Karolis. The three of us cycled return KlaipedaPalanga. It was a total of about 55 km and just for good measure Vakaris, Simonas’ five year old son cycled the first 24km with us.

I do not consider myself terribly fit and I do own a bike. In fact out of the three of us who returned I was the oldest, the slowest and I was riding a girl’s bike. But hey I was the only one who could ride cross legged.

We stopped in Palanga for potato pancakes and cold beer. Apparently our average speed on the way home was 20 kph. Consequently I found myself tiring towards the end, but I reckon I probably could have done another 10 k’s or so.

The cycle track that runs between Klaipeda is nothing less than spectacular, dead flat all of the way with large chunks of it through the trees and thus in the shade. It would be the highest quality walking/cycling track that I have ever come across.

After the ordeal, when I stopped, I STOPPED. It took me a long time to get out of Simonas and Jurate’s chair to drive home, I was bow-legged and tired. Surprisingly enough, this morning the day after, other than a bit of butt bruising, I am fine and am ready to do it again.

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