A hiccup on the road. Help needed!!!

Kia ora

First thanks to all of you who buy my cards and who have been reading my story. It is kind of fun to have people out there who actually enjoy my art. For those of you who do not know, ‘out for lunch’ has a sister website called ‘late for supper’. The purpose of ‘late for supper’ is to make money so that I can paint, write, cartoon, shot photographs, make cards and generally create.

But my money making venture has run into a international snag. I cannot seem to find a good greeting card printer here in Klaipėda, so I am wanting to look abroad. But to print from abroad I need to have a Visa Debit Card. I have tried to open a Visa Debit account in New Zealand, but because I live abroad, I cannot. I have tried to open a Visa Debit account here in Lithuania, but because I am a foreigner they wont give me one unless I give them an approximate 370€ security bond.

Without a Visa Debit card connected to a bank account I cannot print from abroad or buy supplies on-line. I also need the account to be connect to PayPal so that I can sell my art from my websites. It is my plan to sell on-line complete versions of ‘America – The Land of the Zip-lock Bag,’ with extras that will not be available free online.

So how can you help? Is there anyone out there who can lend with no guarantee of being repaid the approximately 370€ security bond. And is there anyone in Europe who knows of a good printer who can print greeting cards gloss on one side and matte on the other. And lastly, it would be real cool to have someone commit to praying for my art work.

Faithful people, thank you so much for reading this far, please do communicate with me if you can help.

Below for your interest, are some examples of my art work.


An acrylic painting


An oil painting.


A political cartoon.


A cartoon portraying a biblical concept.


Greeting cards, some printed in Canada, some printed in Lithuania and some handmade.


A greeting card photo.


A photo taken for the joy of the art.


A box made from recycled fruit boxes.


A handmade birthday card.


A small sculpture.

Cheers Kel

towards its production.

4 thoughts on “A hiccup on the road. Help needed!!!

  1. Thanks, I love to create. I am looking forward to finishing my story, because I have a childrens book in my head and plan on illustrating it. The box was my first project funded through my card sales.

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