America the Land of the Anonymous Plastic Bag

The owners of the Ziploc Bag brand have informed me that I do not have permission to use their brand in my story. So ‘America the Land of the Ziploc Bag‘ will be called ‘America the Land of the Anonymous Plastic Bag’, until we can come up with a better name.

Please if you have any ideas let me know.


3 thoughts on “America the Land of the Anonymous Plastic Bag

  1. You can probably use “Zip Lock Bag” without any flack from the SC Johnson company. Add a “K” and the name is no longer a registered trademark. Thoroughly enjoying your adventures through America. Thanks!

  2. Annette and Kay, to tell you the truth I am not that worried about the name change. I would prefer that better reflects the story. Something like ‘America – The Way It Is’

    Interestingly enough Kay, when I wrote to Johnsons they spelt it ‘Zip lock’. You can read the letters at

    Thanks for your comments

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