Clueless in America. What, how and why?

What, how and why?

‘Twas 2008 when God blessed us with a trip to the USA, euphemistically known as America. What is that about, ‘one nation under God’ claiming the name of a whole continent as its very own? I learnt on this trip that America was  full of anomalies. Well actually I think I learnt that during my early addiction to ‘The Dukes of Hazard’. For sorry Lithuanian-based-Kiwis like myself, America is one big cultural hazard.

Don’t get me wrong, I survived it, loved it and ate too much. But as the fat faded from my belly, the juxtapositions trampolining in my brain just would not rest and I mean would not rest. I was tormented with such questions as ‘why is the mid-west neither in the middle nor the west?’ The great American phenomenon of therapy was needed. Hence the ‘Ziploc Bag’, my self-medication, came into creation.

I did not mean to write about my trip. I just woke up one morning and thought, enough is enough and ever since I have been trying to write it out of my head.

This is still a work in progress. Chapters are being edited, a glossary and other add-ons are yet to be written. But please feel free to read.

Chapter 01. Leaving
Chapter 02. Chicago
Chapter o3. Southwest Airlines
Chapter o4. California and the rental car
Chapter 05. Just Two Stops
Chapter 06. Redding
Chapter 07. The Healing Service
Chapter 08. The Sunday Services
Chapter 09. Farewell Redding and California.
Chapter 10. Idaho
Chapter 11. Steam boat
Chapter 12. Grandmother ship
Chapter 13. Not Williamson’s Orchard
Chapter 14. Is it heaven or is it Texas?
Chapter 15. Where did that year go?
Chapter 16. Puss-Filled Pimple
Chapter 17. Fredricksberg
Chapter 18. The Cafe that I forgot the name of
Chapter 19. Pumpkin Head
Chapter 19a. A hiccup on the road. Help needed!!!
Chapter 20. Hallelujah
Chapter 21. A Truly Sacred Institution
Chaprer 22. My Weird Friend
Chapter 23. Giving Thanks and Taking Thanks
Chapter 24. The Church bit
Chapter 25. A Most Ridiculous Command.
Chapter 25a. coffee fuel
Chapter 26. Good bye and fare ye well Texas

Did you enjoy it? Please leave comments on my blog and let me know. Also though the price to produce the ‘Ziploc Bag’ is minimal, please feel free to donate towards its production. Its production is costing me money and I am un-waged.

Once again please feel free to

towards its production.

Watch this space for more.



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