Dear Kiwi and Aussie Friends

Well it is not long before we trade in our Baltic snow for some Kiwi sunshine. We are looking for to the trip and I am in the process of packing.

Speaking of packing would anyone like me to pack any of my books for them. I will be selling them as I travel, but will only be bringing pre-ordered books and then only if I have enough weight. It will be a case of first in first served.

So if you are interested these are my books.

To find out more about the books just click on them. It would be best for me if you were to buy them on-line, however cash when I see you is fine. Remember I will only be carrying books that have been ordered in advance and orders need to be placed before February 26.

And on another note, as soon as I get a NZ phone I will email it to you.

See you all soon, please turn that sunshine on for us.

Cheers Kel

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