Boorowa, New South Wales

‘Boorowa, New South Wales’ was ‘Highly Commended’  in the ‘Level 3 Advanced’ section of the FaithWriters writing challenge. USA 2011.

Also to read the lovely comments and critiques that this poem has received, read the original version at FaithWriters


Boorowa, New South Wales
takes the prize
as having, the most
that I have ever seen
in one place, at one time

together exploring life
exploring each other
and exploring God
living in a pup-tent
under tired sheoaks
and ragged, thirsty gum-trees
basting in the relentless Australian sun

Planting grape vines
in never-ending, fly-blown
dusty, sticky rows
drinking hot water
eating hot sandwiches

Rest day Sunday
Anglican church
hymns and hallelujahs
nasally locals
cooing over tired Kiwis

Pub grub supper
Court House Hotel
under colonial porches
with beer-bellied men
and tick tickling dogs

First Christmas together
two-inch Christmas tree
gagging in the back of our tent
empty air-conditioned restaurant
Chinese food, outback style
street party
searching for traditions
that were being played out by family
in another country

Oh Boorowa, New South Wales
sweet little nothing Boorowa
steadily running from my memory banks
thanks for the experience,
the sun and the tired sheoaks.

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