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‘missed breakfast’ is the section of ‘out for lunch’ that is set aside for my writing.

At the moment my writing can be split into two sections.

The first being Peddling the Dirt Across Lithuania

Peddling the Dirt Across Lithuania will be a travel/humour story journeying from the Baltic ferry terminal in Klaipėda, through small towns and tiny villages until I eventually hit the nations capital. The story will be full of cultural clashes and rare insights from someone who has lived long-term in Lithuania as a foreigner.

The second section is a selection of my  Poetry.

Some of my poetry is christian in nature, some of it is not. But all of it expresses life as I encounter it and is readable for both the weird and wonderful.

And lastly, the soon to come; The Adventures of Princess Moea and Captain Chambers.

This will be an illustrated, earthly-science-fiction children’s story. More to come later.

If you would like to read my short stories follow this link.

Everything here is free for you to read and is ©Kel Fowler. However, I would love it if you were to use them. Please just email me or leave a comment and ask. I will even send them to you in a better format.

Also if you enjoy what you read and would like to donate to my artistic endeavors please push the button.

Thank you so much for reading this far and please do enjoy my art.

Cheers Kel

PS, for those who care, I write in Kiwi English 🙂 .


After volunteering part time for seven years in a local children’s home, I decided it was time I shared what I have been writing. These poems are an emotional journey through the lives of many children and young adults. They are a result of listening to the voices of both the children and the staff that look after them. These kids are my friends.

The short of it is, that this book is both a tumultuous prayer and a frustrated venting at God. Injustice causes me to shout the ‘why?’ questions and demand action from God.

Saint Nobody unfortunately is sad book, however this emotional landscape is a reality. It is a reality for the kids I know and I suspect it is a reality for millions of institutionalised kids all over the world.

To by this book, please click here.


‘Ta!’ is a collection of poetic stories which randomly transverses the backwaters of my Kiwi youth into small town Lithuania.

Some of it is funny, some Godly, some of it challenging and some thought provoking, but all of it is me.

To by this book, please follow this link.



This is a simple God-focused book of poetry. Each of the seven poems follow the theme of ‘a church for others’. They explore subjects such as outreach, listening to God and social justice.

‘a church for others’ is a powerful, warm and sometimes sad collection of poems which will draw you closer to God.

To buy the book just follow this link.

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