Burning Ivory Gates

A good few years back we visited the Jewish Museum in Vilnius. There I read a horrible World War II story about one Lithuanian bloke who was angry with one particular Jewish family. He managed to round up about fifteen Jews in the corner of a Vilnius service station, there he then proceeded to smash their skulls with a spade. Then he piled them all up, climbed on top of them and played the Lithuanian national anthem on the piano-accordion. This painting is my picture of that.

I pray and I grieve for this nation, in hope that one day it will walk in some kind of freedom from its World War II past. But for now one generation is just too numb to face it. The generation below that is still too defensive. But those under twenty five are actually starting to think about it. Once they have finished repenting too and forgiving each other I wonder if they will find it in their hearts to forgive us in the West. Us, who just walked away allowing the Soviet Union to abuse its power and oppress and plunder this nation.

God bring your spirit to this nation, may your horse and rider gallop through these streets, separating the wheat from the chaff and pave the way for the rivers of revival to flow. Let it rain Lord, let the rain of your spirit wash away the spilt blood of evil regimes. Put your blood your holy blood between these people and their history. May you be their future.

And people of Lithuania stand up and be counted for the Lord, because the day is coming when you will ride through gates of burning ivory and take the promises of God, bundled with the glory of the Lord out to the nations.

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