Cafe Chapters

This is a list of the cafes that I have written in and the respective chapters.

Hotel Pagegiai cafe, Pagegiai, Lithuania.

Chapter 12. Grandmother ship
Chapter 13. Not Williamson’s Orchard

Katiyas Tejai Tirgotava, Sigulda, Latvia.

Chapter 16. Puss-Filled Pimple
Chapter 17. Fredricksberg
Chapter 18. The Cafe that I forgot the name of
Chapter 19. Pumpkin Head
Chapter 20. Hallelujah

Chu Chus Cafe, West Kildbride, Scotland.

34. Emotionally Drained
35. Please Notice Us, We Are From Wisconsin
36. Shopping; Cute and Then Kohls

Tinderbox cafe, Merchant City, Glasgow, Scotland.

37. The ‘Holy Trinity’. ‘Cafe’, ‘The Book Shop’ and ‘the Holy Toilet’

Costa Coffee, Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland.

50. Come Hell or High Water
51. Burglars and Thieves, Please do not Read

Restoranas Feliksas, Palanga, Lithuania.

Chapter 53. Le burger et La Crescent
Chapter 54. Betsie’s Home Coming

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