The Kiwi Diary


250 pages
365 days
21 poems
25 articles
70 contributors
over 60 amazing works of art
1 package of pure inspiration

Some of the 2013 contributors include:
Niki Harre, Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology of Auckland University
Sean Weaver, Lecturer at Victoria University
Jer Thorpe, infographics Specialist for the New York Times
Articles and writing from Max Rashbrooke (inequality), Antony Kitchener (photos and essay on Wellingtons soup kitchen), Dr Renee Liang (on Sir Paul Callahan), Sarah Wadsworth (foraging), Tim Lucas (Rakiura), Martyn Pepperell, Sean Weaver, Julien Smith, and Ed Willis
Poetry: including Sarah Jane Barnett, Laura Williamson, Jan Kelly, Kathy Cumming, Kelvin Fowler, Rachel Rees
Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington
Recipes: Rachel Taulelei, Martin Bosley, The Engine Room, Sarah Wadsworth, Lauraine Jacobs, Fleur Sullivan, Lou Beckingsale, Commonsenses’ gluten-free bread & more
Art design and photography from many incredibly talented New Zealanders.

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inkognito art exhibition

2001 inkognito art exhibition

The inkognito art exhibition was held in the KOG cafe in Parnie st Glasgow and consisted of an eclectic collection of art. These photos are old and blurred with the flash of a cheap camera, however they are all that I have to remember the event.

Water Colours

I have been given a real cool, little notebook full of water-colour paper. So I am trying to teach myself how to use it. I have no experience and no idea. This is my picture of late autumn early winter. It was painted in front of my computer listening to Joanne Hogg.

One of the beautiful things about my job, is often I get to play for work. This is my picture of a leaking clay pot, it is a response to a story and music. It was painted in a kitchen in an orphanage listening to live worship music, played by some new Irish friends.