Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia
(December 25)

Christmas in Australia is easy
Sunshine, beach and beer

I like to be up early about 8am, while the day is still cool
Then off for a run over the top of the hill
And down to the beach to feel the sand in my toes
As the sun starts to heat up, then in for a swim I go
Diving under the waves to get past the surfers
I swim horizontally to the beach until my arms tire
Catch a wave in, don the shoes and run back up the hill
A cold shower and then off to church

Church is full, with total strangers looking as if they own the place
The vicar is frantically trying to meet them all and beg them to return
While the regulars hug each other and share their joy of Christ’s birth.
Finally the doors burst open, the Christmas and Easter people escape the vicar and run to their cars
The regulars linger, talk and hug some more
While I head away to the Scarfs or the Giles to become a surrogate child for the day

This year it is the Scarfs, which means we will eat under the sun between the pool and the beach
The whole family is there; grandparents, kids, grandkids, uncles, aunties and cousins
We will probably start with beer and snacks; you know chips and peanuts kind of thing
Then we gather under the umbrella, to hide from the sun and eat
Lamb or pork, turkey or chicken, gravy, potatoes mashed, potatoes roasted
Vegetables; peas, carrots, beans, cauliflower and broccoli
Drink; wine, beer, juice and coffee all sweated out
And when we can eat and drink no more, we pour another beer and shoot the breeze, chew the fat or just plain old talk
We sit in the shade and watch the yachts sail past and when we get hot we jump in the pool to cool down
And then about 6pm people start heading home

I head to the Giles for a voluntary, mandatory visit
One last beer and coffee in the cool evening breeze
And there on the balcony I listen to what Santa brought the kids
And rehash the tales of my day.

Then I walk up the hill home
Have a cup of tea on the balcony overlooking the water
There I reflect and dream about the past and future
Before finally crawling into bed.

Christmas in Sydney, Australia.


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