church is

Church Is

Us, them, we, you, me.
The titles ain’t helpful.

And what is this need – this compulsion?
Why do we always need to speak your message?

Church ain’t Sunday services,
Wednesday home groups and worship practice.
Church ain’t leadership meetings,
And programmed outreaches.

Church is our society, our community.
Church is our many daily interactions.

Church is our attitude at the service station.
It is our smile at the kebab stand.

Church is our openness with our joys and sorrows.
It is our Christ-likeness in the market place.

It is the Moroccan tea-shop owner eating in our home.
It is baby-sitting our hurting neighbour’s kids.

Church is our Christ-likeness penetrating other people’s lives.
It is who we are, being who He is.

It is family, community and relationship.
Church is Christ’s body, free from walls and free from boundaries.

And free to give away the love, compassion and mercy of Christ.


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