Clueless in America. Chapter 1

1. Outside is America

Well the journey all started really some-where around the time that I stuffed my home-made greeting cards into some American-donated plastic bags, with the hope of flogging them off on arrival in the great capitalist country of America.

I do use the word America rather lightly, for indeed my education recalls that America is a continent that stretches from our almost-close neighbour of Argentina(1) all the way north to the tip of Canada, that poor nation which so desperately and reluctantly defines itself by its southern neighbour.

But if only because the USA has claimed America as her name and I am too lazy to call ‘Clueless in America’, Clueless in the United States of America, then I too will refer to the USA as simply¬† America.

Complicated yes, but like generations of Americans before you, just go along with it.

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You may have noticed some bracketed numbers in this chapter. These numbers correspond with explanations and definitions that are in an accompanying glossary. To read the glossary you will need to by the yet to be released book. Sorry ūüôĀ

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