Clueless in America. Chapter 27

27. A Dire Warning for all Readers.

I know that thus far, you, the tortured readers, have got used to my chronological, royal Oxford English, overly intellectual, terribly factual and frustratingly unopinionated style of writing. I am intrigued that as I have blogged these past twenty six chapters, you have found it necessary to leave comments, and to facebook me your opinions. This has been much appreciated, but for the next chapter we just need to take a break from the status quo, to sit back, grab a wee cup of strong coffee and get uptight.

For indeed in the next chapter I am going to talk about stuff, stuff in the purest sense of the word. Stuff that either passed in front of my eyes or through my ears during our North American shenanigans. Chronology is out the door, in chapter 28, I will be pop-corning stuff and events. I will be monologing from Redding to Madison, Star to La Crescent, all in the one overly simple sentence. Things are going to get a little out of hand and way out of order, but rest assured it will just be for one or two chapters.

The reason for this is that I do not want to reveal the political and social views of my friends. I mean I did not plan on writing this story, how would you feel if your mate(93) visited you for a few gruelling days and then blogged your conversations to the known universe? So far my friends have been very grace-giving and amused if not bemused. But if I was suddenly to say that my New York friends thought that Sarah Palin was an alien spy, sent to earth to study Russia from her front room, to read all of the un-named local Alaskan newspapers and to infiltrate the American hockey Mom fraternity, well then they would have good reason to be either proud or justifiably peeved at me. Especially because many of the people I visited during this trip are well known by my facebooking, tweeting and blog-reading buddies.  So in an effort to put some ice on a possibly heated conversation, the subjects of politics, race and possibly a few other things that could flash through that wee mind of mine will be confined to a couple of pan-American chapters.

So are we settled on that? Good I hope so, if not well then perhaps you should stop reading and pick up the story again as we drive into Canada. But for now, please put your seat belts on and suck down that coffee.

If you are game enough, come back next week to read about sailable toilets and American democracy from 1965.

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