Coming Out

Coming Out

You can spot these people easily enough.
We are desperate to be known, but way too ashamed.
We talk in hushed tones when people are around.
But when we get the chance to be alone without the world watching,
We laugh and joke at what we have become.

But sometimes in this double life the pain is too much to bear.
So we choose to curl up on our beds and stay at home.
We can be seen in all the spheres of life,
From hairdressers to politicians.
Homeless to hostesses.
We can be seen in the corridors of life,
Exchanging little wrappings of foil and ideas for what works best.

It seems to me, as if every second person is joining me.
In living in pain and living in hiding.
You can see the new people.
It still hurts for them to sit down.

We all have a burning desire to be free.
And I am sick of it.
I am coming out of the closet.
I can’t hide it any more.

Mum and Dad, I am sorry to do this so publicly.
But I am not ashamed of it anymore.
Some of us are just like this.

For I am –
No, I can’t say it.
It is just too hard.

For I am –
A member of Haemorrhoids Anonymous
Ahhhhh freedom.
Laugh if you want to.


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