~6th Place Editor’s Choice Award

‘D E L E T E won 6th place ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ and ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Masters Level’  in a ‘FaithWriters’ writing competition. USA 2011/12.

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It was the invasion, personal
space defiled, the intrusion, the
dark clouds and the
darn right lack of respect
that just irked me.

‘Twas a day like any other
a morning drowsy
sleepy, stumble to
the computer.

The slow timeless groaning
of my hard drive, a punching of
the Thunderbird key and
welcome sight of familiar
names and emails.

I rubbed my eyes, drank
a non existent coffee
in effort to wake up
as I tried to comprehend
why was I selling myself
luxury Rolex watches?

I straightened in my chair
the fog in my head
was being slowly chased away
by warring stormclouds
found my way to my sent folder
to discover a thunderstorm
of waterproof watches
hocking themselves to my
precious, waking friends

Bleakness and panic permeated
my defences, time wasn’t
on my side, had I caught a virus or
had I been hacked?

I found myself once again
riding the tides of google
hoping for a wave to catch in,
to tell me how to
batten down the hatches
and rid myself of this disease.

I stumbled upon a ray of hope
a light in a dark place
that sent me scurrying
with my boots and parka
to my automated ‘out-of-office-reply’
and there the little beastie sat.


Skulking in the dankness
of my computer’s underbelly
spitting out slimy emails
selling fake time-pieces
though my POP address.

I had been spied,
watched and hacked
my email host held hostage
abused as a slave
and all I needed to do that
wet long stormy day
was push delete.

D E L E T E.

Thank you so much for reading ‘out for lunch’. If you would like to contribute, please do. Thanks Kel.

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