4 thoughts on “Downloading

  1. Sounds a little funny. Especially the mom part. The image is: child running to get an ice-cream for his first ever pocket money 🙂

    Btw, is the music DRM-free? Because you know what happens with DRM’ed music – the servers go down, and you are left emptyhanded.

  2. Hey Andy. I downloaded three free songs from a web site, maybe paste music or maybe a NZ site. Liked it so much, so I purchased the rest. It was a birthday present, my mum is always early with such things. It is my birthday today, so today is the first chance that I will have to listen to it. I will review it or a song from it on this site some time, probably in August. I really like ‘Art will save America’.

    Anyhow nice hearing from you and keep writing those songs.

    Cheers Kel

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