Guantanamo Bay 24

Last night we were watching 24 series 4. It struck me as to how freely they torture people. I started wondering if Americans really do torture people like that. And then Guantanamo Bay sprung to mind. So the answer is clearly a yes. Among other things Guantanamo Bay could have been and may still be the site of mass systematic torture sanctioned by the US government and the people who vote them into power. Large chunks of the rest of the world may also be able to be held guilty, simply because of their silence and tolerance of what the USA is doing.

So what can we do? Start boycotting American made products, politics and sporting events? Maybe! But we also need not forget the fact that the USA is apparently the world’s largest donor of aid. Do we really want to stop the millions of dollars they pour into Aids projects, Africa etc? But does their money buy them freedom from human rights? And why do they refuse to be part of world bodies that can hold them accountable such as the International Criminal Court.

I do not know the answers. But perhaps you could look at these two websites. Witness Against Torture and Cage Prisoners. They seem to have ideas on what we can do.

You need to note that this picture is not anti-American it is anti- the illegal imprisonment without trial and the possible systematic torture of hundreds of humans at the American military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

And now it is time for me to go decorate the Christmas tree.

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  2. The difference between 24 and Guantanamo Bay is that in 24 they do it on American soil which is actually illegal. That is why they “outsource” their torture off American soil – then it is perfectly legal to do whatever you want because you do not have to submit to US laws any more. I guess there’s always a work-around to any law.

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