Her Journey

In horror she watched
her drunken mother
tumble to her end
and in horror
she read
of her drunken father’s death
ten years institutionalised
and craving the honour
of being treated
as if someone cares for her,
that is her life

cast into the shadows of school
to be tolerated not taught
a bad one, an orphanage kid
drowning in a system
that refuses to acknowledge
her existence

slowly sinking
into the claws of poverty
its talons around her throat
quenching her pain
with the spirits of addiction
until death shares her bed
hopelessness in a hopeless situation

what wells will she draw upon
to extinguish the fires of her hell
what strength will she find to aid
her buckling legs
and whose cloak is wide enough
to cover her despair.

She recognises love
through a fading memory
but has managed to
grab his finger tips
his warmth
permeates her tender body
blocked wells begin to flow

with the little faith she has
she tosses her anchor
from the pits of her confusion
into the waters of her rescuer
and washes her feet
in the river of life
dry bones dance
as the orphan is adopted
hope from hopelessness
for a tethered soul
as the King of Glory
reaches down
and gathers her up
in His redeeming arms

his tears roll down her cheeks
as he washes her scars with his blood
together they rejoice
he in her victory
and she in his radiance

holding his hand
she skips by his side
honoured to be cared for
and allowing her poverty
to drown in the acknowledgement
of his existence.

She sleeps in the light
dreams of her father
and wakes at the beginning
of her uncertain journey

incense rise
angels delight
as our sweet new bride
enters his body
and walks the narrow path
her future is uncertain
the way is wrought with danger
but in the privacy of her mind
she finds peace

her worship
is her smile.

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