Humble King

‘Humble King’ was first released at ‘FaithWriters’. To read at ‘FaithWriters’ and to read its lovely comments click here.

Humble King

worn out from well doing
worn out from work
worn out from war
worn out from worry
worn out from being weak and weaponless

worn out from what
worn out from not knowing you in these places

get in my face Almighty
All powerful one you have my attention
get in my face

it is you Lord I long for
it is you I have deserted
it is you Lord
you Lord you are the one
the reason and the purpose

I hunger
oh how I hunger
for the scent of your face
for the freshness of your embrace
your encouragement in the race

but work is work and I have bottom lined
in this place I seek your face
All Mighty
All Powerful
find me in this place
Ever Known
get in my face


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