We are out of the World Cup. To say the least, I along with the rest of my nation am gutted.

This is a photo of Sharon watching the rugby at nervous moments before the end of the world. Namiskiu Grupe prayed that we would be able to watch one game live. Karolis’ Dad found the Oz game on an unadvertised channel, so we raced out later that evening to catch our best ever rugby team do the worst ever done by a NZ team in any World Cup. Blahhhh

Back to more important things. This is my chilli harvest

Note the steamed up window and the yellow and red colours of fall in the back ground.

So how does one deal with the crushing grief of the identity of ones nation being so severely bruised. Well he turns to sculpture of course.

This modelling clay was given to us by our friend Lisa five years ago. This was the first time that I had taken it out of the plastic. It is also the first time that I have ever really played with sculpture. If I can find something better than Das and more of it I might try again. This sculpture is fist size.

Anyhow time to watch the Oz Eng game 🙁

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