Boundary Lines

I am, not sure how to word this one, but my poem Boundary Lines has been awarded a ‘FaithWriters Jewel of Encouragement‘ for recent works. This was in a general section, not just a poetry section.

Boundary Lines
Psalm 16

New muscles are flexed
when the scales tip
and the good things
of life
the bad.

If only my anguish
could be weighed
and all my misery
be placed on the scales
[Job 6:2]

Then you would understand
the stress
and the fear
of success.

The price of glory
is paid for
on the back
of failure.

The tipping scales
serve to
the years
of falling short.

But this must stop
and praise shunned
needs to sink
and sink deep.

For me
the boundary lines
have fallen
in pleasant places.
[Psalm 16:6]

My mourning
can now turn
into dancing.
[Psalm 30:11]

Sunny Loomis 18 Mar 2011
Congratulations! This has been chosen to be highlighted on the Message Boards in the Cheering Section. You can see it by clicking here: FaithWriters Jewel Chest
Joanne Sher 14 Mar 2011
Lovely and thought-provoking piece. Thank you for this.


Thank you so much for reading ‘out for lunch’. If you are reading and want to contribute, please do. Thanks Kel.

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