Julia Jazz Trio



Julia Jazz Trio

Oh how does she do it?

Who do what?

Who being Julija Jačėnaitė and what being, well taking her voice from those husky lows to those perky up-tempo highs. If you are a lover of “jazz vocalists” then this is a must for your collection. This woman is a diva but unlike most divas her voice doesn’t sound tired and worn out from too many years of nicotine and alcohol. Julia has a youthful and energetic voice that injects a vibrancy into a genre of music that can well do with it.

Of course a trio is made up of three people. Julia is supported by a rather peaceful and groovy keyboardist called Paulius Zdanavičius and a rather typical but none the less good jazz drummer named Mindaugas Juškevičius.

The range of songs that they play is very interesting. You definitely could not accuse this song selection as being boring. My favourites are the up-tempo ones like Take the “a” Train and Summertime. They do and excellent version of The girl from Ipanema, they bring some creditably back to the Somethin’ Stupid after Robbie and Nicole destroyed it.

But the highlight is From Heart to Heart. You may not have heard of this song, that is because it appears that Julia wrote it. Well done Julia.

Many of my readers may think that the names of these musicians sound exotic. Well they are not, they are simply Lithuanian.

What would I like these guys to do more of? Well my only criticism is “Julia if you can write one song you can write a whole album of them”. More Cd’s and more home grown songs please.

What else do I listen to in the same genre? Billy Holiday, Edith Piaff, Marlene Dietrich, Norah Jones and Antonio Carlos Jobim. But really this CD is just in a different and more elite class.

My copy of 19…live was purchased in some strange music shop in the “BIG” shopping centre in Klaipeda. But international people if you cannot find it when searching at www.accoona.com try emailing Julia at juliajazztrio@hotmail.com

Again excellent Jazz Vocalist CD. If you like the genre buy it!

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