Kuršiu Marius Bike Trip.


Just a wee note to tell you about our cycle holiday. To see our photos click here.

Day 1, 51 k's

We cycled from Klaipėda to Mingė, Ventė, Nida and back to Klaipėda. In short it was awesome. We had almost no rain and almost no sun for the entire trip. I enjoyed the most day one. There was a lot of variety, it started with the track beside the busy road, onto a mud bath, then onto a nice slow gravel road. Followed by nice quiet sealed road, before entering a gravel track through Kintai forest. After that we had nice roads before hitting nasty, sandy, corrugated  gravel into Minge.

Day 2, Mingė - Ventė - Kintai - Ventė

Day two was a lot of fluffing around and little riding. The camping ground changed the ferry time on us by eight hours, causing us to do a 20 or so k trip back into Kintai for food.

Is that bird poo on my arm?

Day three was simple and consisted mostly of meeting other cyclists and catching the ferry to Nida.

The End (for now) 170 clicks.

Day four was the hardest and longest and took us from Nida to Klaipėda with a lunch stop in Pervalka.

To see the rest of our photos click here.

I also enjoyed cycling during the first or rest week of our holiday. Which meant over an eleven day period during our break I cycled 337 km. 170 of those were our trip around the lagoon

Our Trip.

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It was fun,
Cheers Kel

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