Land of the Long Dark I.T. Cloud

Draconian is the word that springs to mind. And if I could find a word more draconian than draconian, I would definitely use it.

I am not 100% sure on my facts, but after listening to Radio New Zealand Podcasts I understand that in New Zealand it is illegal to rip your own legally purchase CD’s to your own MP3 player. Obviously the good ole Kiwi law makers have no idea as to what an MP3 player is and exactly why we use them. At a guess 99% of all people walking around Aotearoa with head phones in their ears are breaking the law. Absolutely amazing and stupid, perhaps they should also ban the sale of ipods because clearly they are leading our youth to break the law.

As I understand it in the United States they have a fair play law, which means that when you buy a CD you can legally copy it to your MP3 player and play it as you walk, drive or however you listen to your music. This is common sense.

Of course sharing your music on-line of copying your CD and giving them to your friends is illegal and as an artist I fully support copyright laws and encourage you to support them as well.

Anyhow time to get off my opinionated high horse and to crap on about some other stuff.

You will notice the flag above the court house. It is one of the possible replacement NZ flags. No oppressive Jack on it, no flag trendy Southern Cross and no Monarch Royal Blue. I will leave it at that.

I want to learn how to cartoon. I have so many ideas, but not the creative skill to put them on paper. I guess I am on a journey.

Again this was sketched on a Monday, Mondays being my day off. Sketched whilst drinking coffee and listening to Kiwi music including the phenomenal One Glimpse from Vineyard Music.

4 thoughts on “Land of the Long Dark I.T. Cloud

  1. I think it makes sense to some extent. You pay for the CD, and you get the CD. Ripping it into MP3 is like making a copy. So you pay for 1 and you get 2 – doesn’t sound right.

    Strict laws are better than no laws. For example in Lithuania it is legal to download and distribute copyrighted material as long as it is not for profit. Wanna watch some recent movie? I can get almost any 🙂

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