‘late for supper’ 2nd quarter 2010

Dear Friends

I guess one of the highlights of the last quarter was the self-publishing of my book Saint Nobody. This book consists of some of my best every poetry and is totally focused on the lives of friends of mine who live in a local children’s home. It is a sad, but powerful book. You can purchase it from me at late for supper for €10.75 or from my Lulu shop for €11.95.

Both Saint Nobody and Ta! are now available in New Zealand libraries.

Other big news for me this quarter is that Weebly the host that I use, upgraded their site to allow for commerce. I encourage you to visit late for supper and check out how good my website is looking. Thank you Weebly.com

I now have seven sets of ‘Home Made Cards‘ for sale, including a new set called Flowers By the Wayside these can be purchased from late for supper for €13.50 per set of twelve.

These some of the photos that are on my Flowers By the Wayside cards.

late for supper now uses ecological envelopes and still supports iKhaya le themba, Home of Hope.

I have been trying hard to prepare cards for commercial printing, but seem to hit stumbling black after stumbling block in the process. But watch this space, because there will be commercially printed later for supper cards in the near distant future.

Thanks to the upgraded website, I now have some of my art on-line for sale. Please check it out here. These are some of my paintings.

At long last I have finished writing Clueless in America and am now depending on volunteers in the editing process. My goal is to send this book out to publishers.

I am in the process of writing and collating a poetry book titled Byways, Alleyways and Cobblestones.  I have yet to decide if this will be one book or three books, I will self-publish them again with Lulu.

Other big news is; now is the time for me to be writing my earthly science-fiction children’s book, titled The adventures of Captain Chambers and Princes Moea. If you would like to donate to the cafe-coffee-fuel that it takes for me to write, please click here.

late for supper now has its own facebook and twitter pages. Facebook people please sign in as a fan.

And that brings us to the end of our update.

Thank you so much for your support,
Cheers Kel

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