Life’s Little Sacrifices.


Okay for the sake of the people concerned I am not going to publish information about this painting. However if you are interested and you know my email address you can use it.

It took me most of my afternoon to paint this acrylic on A3 paper. Naturally it was painted with coffee. However this time it was decaf, because we had run out of the “non-decaf” version. It was painted listening to Tracey Chapman, Keven Prosch, Martyn Joseph, Toadie, Jan Krist and Andy Gibson.

This was one of those “I just want to get the emotions out” kind of paintings. I tried to paint as simply and as quickly as possible. I mostly used a larger brush size than usual and didn’t care at all if my lines weren’t straight, if I painted outside the lines or if my colours weren’t mixed correctly.

The motivating factor behind this painting was spending the last couple of days listening to an old Martyn Joesph tape in the car. The style is reminiscent of my favourite artist, Freda Kahol.

But as I said if you actually want to know what the painting is about, well contact me.

2 thoughts on “Life’s Little Sacrifices.

  1. Hi Kel i am in good company with Tracey,Kevin and co!!I would bre interested to know more about the painting. Toadie

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