My International Cricket Career

Had a game of Cricket in the weekend, I played for the ‘All Star International Cricket Team’ (ASICT) and lost very handsomely to the unofficial ‘Lithuanian National Cricket Team’.

At the crease I scored the forth highest score for the ASICT.

Actually got quite a shock when I connected.

And finally went out for a whooping big two.

However I was a better bowler.

Two overs, two wides, two runs and one four.

The hero of the ASICT was the now famous Simonas Kiela with his fantastic boundary catch of the last ball of our innings.

Batting, well lets just say that those Lithuanian Indians and Lithuanian Pakistanis sure could bowl.

Final score

Well something like ASICT 62 all out

Lithuanian National Team 162 with some retirements due to the ferocity of the ASICT

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