Needs Met

‘Needs Met’ was first published in Side Stream.

Please forgive the quality of the scanning, I will redo it when I receive a copy of the book.

And for those of you who may be interested this is what the original version of the poem looked like. The editing and re-working of the poem was done by ‘Side Stream’.


Needs Met

I went to visit the grave of a loved one, whose rebellious child was sucking the life out of her marriage.

I placed some flowers in the tomb beside the toaster on the kitchen table.

Then I pulled some weeds out of her grave with words of self-gratification.

Now that I have met my need to tidy up the grave of my loved one, I left her alone to die in the misery of her life.

I stopped on the way home to put the car through the car wash.

All is well God is nigh safely rest.

Thank you so much for reading ‘out for lunch’. If you would like to contribute, please do. Thanks Kel.

2 thoughts on “Needs Met

  1. interesting editing!

    the flow is improved – i like the original last line though..

    what do you think of it? not many people i know would be happy with someone else changing their work..

  2. I kind of reluctantly agreed. I learnt a lot from her, but really hate what the poem has become.

    The poem was about Christians who minister to people because it makes themselves feel good. This is lost. Never mind it was a bit abstract anyhow.

    Cheers and see you soon.

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