One Notable Exception

~6th Place Editor’s Choice Award

One Notable Exception’ won ‘1st place‘ in the advanced level and ‘6th place‘ Editor’s Choice Award‘ in a ‘FaithWriters’ writing competition. USA 2011.

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One Notable Exception

She’s beautiful of course
I wouldn’t have married her otherwise
but it is sad
’cause she’s a sufferer
suffers from TDD
technology disassociation disorder
I made that up, but
in short
she hates technology

There is one notable exception
she loves her ipod
syncs with itunes
and downloads
day after day
her meaty podcasts

Nine to Noon
Saturday Morning with Kim Hill
Woman’s hour

The downloading
it is a ritual
a morning tradition
she walks into our office
flicks her computer on
loads itunes
sorts through her podcasts
pushes the ‘get all’ button
and yells through the house
“I am just uploading my ipods”

A thousand times I explain
if it comes down from cyberspace
and lands in her computer
then it is a download
if it goes up from her notebook
into the
wonderful and wide web
then it is an upload

though she understands
the differences between
ipods and podcasts
uploading and downloading
the connection between
the understanding
and the speaking
has a twisted wire
thus nothing changes

however she’s my wife
she is beautiful
and she daily
uploads her ipods

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