Peter’s Poem

Celebrating the life of a man of God.

Peter’s Poem

ash trays and beer mugs
fire trap, smoke filled basement
jazz piano and double bass

hot humid summer night
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Sydney Opera House and bridge

Hernandez late night coffee
Ethiopian Vienna
amongst taxi drivers and pimps

grace in the Holy Spirit
feet on the pews
drinking the water of life

driving in your Corolla
leafy Eastern Suburbs
chewing the breeze

Governors, Dunners
reminiscing, looking forward
relaxing, enjoying

and now

E A D G’s run down my face
cigarette smoke clouds my eyes
as the bass fades
upon your rise to glory

it is a whisky coloured sunset
as street lights rise
in the humidity
of our memories

farewell my friend
go in peace
and praise His name

His glorious name

your legacy is much,
your reward is great

fare well
my lovely friend

and praise

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