Pray for Zimbabwe

If you are not praying for Zimbabwe you need to be and you need to be now.

Things that you can pray for are:-

  • Pray that Robert Mugabe will leave office now and peacefully.

  • Pray for the opposition parties. That they will be strong and effective. Pray for their safety and for their ability to run a ruined country when Mugabe falls.

  • Pray for the masses, that where possible they would overcome their justified fear and come out onto the streets and protest.

  • Pray that Mugabe would stop sanctioning the beatings and effectively the killing of the opposition party members and protesters. Pray that lives wouldn’t need to be lost.

  • Pray for The Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube and his efforts to rise up the masses.

  • Pray that South Africa would wake up learn from its past and stop supporting the Mugabe regime.

  • Pray for the United States government, who seem to be the only people willing to apply any kind of real pressure

And other than pray what can we do?

  • Well because of the grinding poverty that Mugabe has brought to Zimbabwe there is nothing left to boycott. But holding off on buying South African goods may spur the South African government into using diplomatic pressure.

  • Refuse to watch Zimbabwe play cricket at the world cup on the tele or live. Protest at their games. Protest at the South African games as well

  • If you can, fly to Zimbabwe and protest. Warning: this is putting your live at risk.

  • Start writing letters to your local political leaders and start demanding that they apply political pressure.

  • Get people praying. And other than that there is not a lot that we can do.

For more info watch your news, read your newspapers and check out the BBC website.

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