remember the orphans

Remember the Orphans

Lord God,

Remember the orphans.


  • The boy who we took clothes shopping, who just wanted to take off his trousers and curl up in the foetal position in the changing room.
  • Remember the sisters who watched their parents die and then watched their foster parents die.
  • Remember the boys rescued at minus-twenty degrees from the heating vents.
  • Remember their brother and sister who were rescued from their family, beaten and bruised.
  • Lord God, remember the hurt of the same two brothers who ran away numerous times and were swallowed up by the drug world.
  • Lord, remember what happened as their stomachs were being pumped dry – their siblings being adopted abroad, without even being allowed to offer a good-bye.

Lord God, remember the orphans.

And Father, though I am overwhelmed,

Please give me peace when I anger.
Give me rest when I tire.
Bandage me when I hurt.
Pick me up when I fall.

Lord God, though I am overwhelmed,
I am willing – send me.


 Remember the Orphans is featured in my book titled a church for others.

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