Saint Nobody, is now for sale.

After volunteering part-time for seven years in a local children’s home, I decided it was time I shared what I have been writing. These poems are an emotional journey through the lives of many children and young adults. They are a result of listening to the voices of both the children and the staff that look after them. These kids are my friends.

The short of it is, that this book is both a tumultuous prayer and a frustrated venting at God. Injustice causes me to shout the ‘why?’ questions and demand action from God.

Saint Nobody unfortunately is a sad book, however this emotional landscape is a reality. It is a reality for the kids I know and I suspect it is a reality for millions of institutionalised kids all over the world.

You can buy this poetry for €11.95 at my Lulu Shop.

Cheers Kel

2 thoughts on “Saint Nobody, is now for sale.

  1. I think it is Sybil. It is a sad book, but it has some of my best poems in it. Not only that it really does cut at the core and also to a degree asks God the hard questions like, ‘Why do you allow these kids to be here?’

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