Some Poetry

I was speaking to a friend on the phone saying that I had not been writing that much, watched a couple of episodes of Band of Brothers and then all this fell out.


The Poem


The understanding is in the reading,

For the poem’s voice can be heard in the mystery,

Carefully calling your name from beyond the script.

And if you read the written words searching for interpretation,

It is like looking at a sunset and only seeing a setting sun.

Death is an enemy when it finds you.

But death is a friend when you reach it.


Study history and feel it’s pain.

So then then tomorrow you will recognise it’s name.


Don’t walk on silent ground,

        least it hear your footsteps.

Don’t tread on sorrow plough,

        least it knows you name.


Let the silence say what needs to be heard,

Instead of filling it up with words that say nothing at all.

Words spoil everything,

            they spoil death,

            they spoil life,

            they spoil music,

    and they spoil conversations.

Miscellaneous words kill both good and evil.

I wish the world would just shut up and let me think.

Shut up and let me feel the suffering and the sorrow of the noise.

Let the silence speak, let it’s words be heard.

And say your prayers, amen.


PS I am having trouble with my formatting and don’t yet know how to delete that the space line between the lines.



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