South Liverpool Vineyard & Friends

Dear South Liverpool Vineyard and friends

I am booked into Liverpool for a poetry and short story gig on Monday November 7. I have purchased my plane and train tickets so will be there. Does anybody want to host or help host the gig? If you have a lounge or living room that can fit ten or so people for about two hours, then this would be great.

I Kel am a Kiwi Vineyard¬† co-pastor of a church-plant in Lithuania. I have lived with the world’s poor in many countries and have many exciting, humourous and sad stories and poems from these adventures. Life, worship, God and the poor are reoccurring themes.

I have self-published books, won prizes and been published in literary magazines, but my poetry passion is to read live.

Hosting would include, opening up your home or finding a willing cafe, inviting your friends, lending me a microphone and speaker and possibly giving me a bed for the evening. I am suggesting that people donate around £7 for the evening, I need to recover my transport costs. I will send you posters. And that is it.

Please please let me know if you are interested or if you know anyone who may be interested.

Cheers Kel

ps please follow the links for more info or write and ask.

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