Sports England on the BBC World Service

We are rugby people. This week we were watching the World Service sports news on the tele. They briefly talked about the All Blacks pounding over Wales and the Aussie killing of Scotland. They said something about the France v Argentina game. Then they went into a long winded story including footage about how England lost to South Africa.Well I guess the BBC is allowed to be Anglo centric, but I do not like it. By far the most exciting game of the weekend for me was the Puma v France game. The No 2 rated French should have killed the No 6 rated Pumas. However it was not to be. The final score was Pumas 26- France 27. Well done Pumas for perhaps one of your best results ever. Bring on the World Cup. And we wait for the day that either the Pumas play in the Tri-Nations or an Argentinian team plays in the Super 14.

Also well done John Kirwan and Japan for qualifying for the World Cup.

The photo was taken from Los Pumas website. has a post called “How will history judge us?” that’s worth checking out…

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