State Sponsored Terrorism is a slow process. (painting)

David it is taking me a bit longer than I thought. For now someone else wants the computer, so I am off for a bike ride and hopefully will finish it later this evening.

3 thoughts on “State Sponsored Terrorism is a slow process. (painting)

  1. Hey Kel!

    Nice to see an idea coming to life.. (and a good idea that is).
    Could you please take the next photograps from a greater distance? I feel like I’m to close to it now to really capture the whole/gestalt.. The walls on which paintings are displayed are one of this worlds most underrated things (besides that – I sometimes tend to look more at the museum then the exhibited art).

    Can I use the title of this post for songwriting? “State Sponsored Terrorism is a slow process.” – that’s catchy.

    Looking forward to the further development of the painting!

    Adios, david

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