Thanks Kim for another “Popsicle Paradise”

Sharon and I enjoy listening to our MP3’s. Often when we are driving across the country and when “From our own Correspondent” gets a little dry, you will hear me say “gies a Kimbo”. This is a mixture of Scottish and Australian and naturally means Sharon please play for us a “Saturday Morning with Kim Hill” podcast.

I like Kim Hill a lot, for me she epitomises Kiwi culture, especially when she is talking about food. Anyhow one day as we were driving to Vilnius, a podcast come on about a couple of Kiwi dudes called Neville and Bruce, their friend Kingi and a car race from Peking to Paris. She read out a website I looked it up and discovered that this race is actually coming through Vilnius.

It just turned out that they would be in Vilnius the day before I was preaching in the Vilnius Community. So we dropped them an email and visited.

Growing up with a vintage car background, this was a touch of heaven for me, we spent a few hours moseying around, had a chat to all four Kiwi’s competing. Sharon did a interview for the ODT and hey pristo it was a good evening.

Please see below to read Sharon’s ODT article and click here to see my photo published on Neville’s website. And please click here to see a lot more photo’s of the cars.

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