To all of you who called, sms’ed, emailed or snail mailed me for my birthday. Thank you.

We took the Monday and the Tuesday off to celebrate. On the Monday I walked south to Juodkrante, it took me three and a half hours, I hurt a lot afterwards, but it was a good walk. We had lunch in a cheap cafe and then caught the bus home for one of my balcony bbq’s. Then finished off the evening with a movie based in South Africa.

Then Tuesday I slept in fluffed around and received some phone calls. After that I spent a large chunk of time preparing and cooking a traditional Kiwi roast chicken with a bottle of Montana. By the time we finished that it was supper time. Supper was Sharon made brownies with ice cream and latterly a cold mango. The evening was finished with another movie.

I only took one photo over the two days and this was it, taken while I was waiting on the ferry.

And that was our two days.

So thanks to all of you who were part of it.

Cheers Kel

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