This Is My Worship Service

This Is My Worship Service

Empty beaches and empty fields
Empty sky and empty landscape
Little tiny birds and great big beech trees
Trout that swim in fast flowing rivers
Long long walks with nobody at all
Rain soaking through white cotton shirts

Fast cars and loud music
Windows down on stinkin’ hot days
Happening cafes with happening jazz
Cappuccino machines clunking and cigarette smoke
Airport arrival halls and happy hellos
Busy foreign streets and languages I can’t speak

Movies that are sad, dark and depressing
Science fiction, out of space and time travelling
Empty canvases with lots of bright colours
Blank pages waiting to be read and understood
A photoscape of flower and fauna
A website waiting for its day of creation

Numbers and numbers and numbers and numbers
Pie charts, spread sheets and flow charts to die for
Words and more words and none of them spelled right
Fusion, confusion, collisions and decisions
And warm camp fires with nothing to do
But listen to stories from all over the world

This is my worship service, this is my dream
This is my God and this is my everything
This is who I relate to and how I find him
This is my resting place, this is where I begin

This is my worship service


Thank you so much for reading ‘out for lunch’. If you are reading and want to contribute, please do. Thanks Kel.

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