Those Americans

Interesting! I heard two Americans talking to each other whilst working at the orphanage the other day.One said “that was a good idea of yours”. The other said “well actually it wasn’t my idea, but thanks for the compliment anyhow”.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all communicate so positively and clearly. I really value the examples of American communication that my friends have subjected me to. Interestingly enough and perhaps not that surprisingly, this style of communication is very different to what I hear in the movies and on the tele news.

2 thoughts on “Those Americans

  1. It is questionable if it would be better to live in an illusion of nice communication, or in reality of true and nasty things.

    By the way – interesting color choice 😉

  2. Indeed it is questionable. But what if the reality is nice communication and the illusion or distortion is what you have called “true and nasty things”?

    One of my pastors is American, and he has said many “true and nasty things” to and about me. However he is skilled enough in his communication to package them in away that they could still be heard and accepted.

    I must confess that when people only speak to me in a “true and nasty” manner, I try my hardest to ignore the manner and usually end up spending time praying that God would soften their heart.

    Remember ultimate reality is inherently good. Often we see the perversions in this world, but the previsions are not the reality.

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