Worst leg forward

Just a quick note.

I have been largely out of action for sometime now. I have started submitting poetry to journals again, but cannot share these with you, because they are considered published and ineligible as soon as I post them. I am also sending my poems to journals that are of a lot higher standard, so am expecting less successes.

I am in the process of putting together a collection of poetry call ‘Verses for my King’, this one is for all of you christians who would like to read my worship poetry at one place. I hope to finish this by October.

‘Peddling the Dirt’ is being seriously held up in the editing process, but is still coming.

In the mean time, I will share some of my older poems that have been rejected by literary journals. I think they are still good, however they are not good enough.

Any feed back on these poems would be welcome.

Cheers Kel

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