Clueless in America

Yay God that after a lot of work Clueless in America is now published.

Many of you pre-ordered copies of this book, here is how you can get your copies.

People in the UK you can purchase them at my shop for €16.54 +pp. This is slightly more than I will be selling them for at late for supper, but when you take into account postage it will be cheaper for you to use my shop.

People in the USA and Canada, you are spoilt for choices. I suggest you rush over to late for supper and buy your copy for €14.39+pp. I have friends travelling to the USA at the end of July and will ask them to post them to you. Or you can buy them now and I will post them to you at a much higher tarns-Atlantic postage rate. And finally you can also just go directly to my shop.

Scandinavians, Dutch and Australians, you can either buy from late for super or my shop.

The quickest way for now to receive a copy will be through my shop. I have just ordered my first print run, this will take about three weeks to get to me and then I will post your copies out to you.

Be warned, the price of Clueless at my shop, will increase once late for supper has the books in stock.

Lulu does not tell me who has purchased my books, so pre-order people please do let me know when you buy you copy.

Thanks people, please let me know what you think.

Cheers Kel

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