I am His

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I am His

I am His and He is mine,
Together we will dine.
The beauty of His robe, the radiance of His eyes,
And the proclamation on His thighs.
I am His favourite, His desire, His lover, His beauty, His bride,
He beckons me to come, He calls me to His side.

I am His favourite and He is mine,
And together we will dine.

For I am His bride, beautiful, spotless,
Pure, radiant, without blemish.
I am His desire, I am His, for me He yearns,
The groom, my lover, His passion, His heart, for me it burns.
When He fixes His eyes on me all else fades away,
Jealously, with hunger my lover wants for our wedding day.

The Spirit and the groom unite and ask me to come,
For I am His bride, His desire, His lover, I am undone.
For at the feast I will dance at His side,
In His strength, in His glory, I will be His bride.
In His heart, in His arms, in His embrace,
I will love, I will know, I will see Him face to face.
There I will be, there I will express, there I will worship, from deep within His glance,
Hand in hand, hearts together, twirling eternal dance.
Undone, empty, unblemished and pure,
In His arms, his bride, loved and secure.

For I am His and He is mine,
And together we will dine.

For I am His, beautiful, unblemished, ripe, lovely, spotless, pure, pleasing,
His favourite, His lover, His desire, His bride, His burning.

For I am His and He is mine,
And soon we will dine.
Emotions entwined,
Feeling divine.
For I love Him and He loves me,
And that is the way it is meant to be.
I love Him and I can’t let go, I love Him beyond dignity.
I love Him in His might, I love Him in His power, I love Him in His serenity.

And He chose me above all the rest,
He chose me, I’m His best.
I am His favourite, I am His, He is mine,
And together we will dine.

Understand this, seek this,
I am His.

I am His

I don’t really know what to write about this one. It just fell out one Monday. Monday is my rest day. At the time I had been reading Mike Bickle’s book on the bride of Christ. I also love the biblical books of Revelations and the Song of Songs. I guess it can only go in for so long until it has to come out. I didn’t write with the Bible in my hand so check out the theology for yourselves.

The poem speaks of the biblical bride of Christ. Us, the men and women that Jesus is coming back for. It also speaks of the bride’s love for his/her groom. If you don’t understand this poem I suggest that you confuse yourself some more and read Song of Songs from the Bible.

This would be my favourite poem at the moment. I love to read it and allow my passion to be unbridled. One day I will get to teach on it.

Can’t wait!!! ( poem was written in Scotland in 2001)

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