Palanga was first published in Asylum issue 4 [page 24] [ISSN 2230-3235]. New Zealand 2011



beauty free from misery
at the first touch of her lover
igniting a passion
sparks that flame
fueling their emotions
power flow from her
flaming oranges and reds
like a tornado
she twists and swirls her passions across the aqua blue sea
but the bride
she knows her beauty is a reflection of her groom

he watches in wonder as she unfurls her colours across the waters below
they embrace in the fires of a relationship that started before the world itself
both the source  and the reflection touch again
for the very first time
sending ripples across the water
and silhouettes across the sky

and we watch in awe  this relationship
that is too holy for human eyes
but the groom
the sun must leave us
before he can come back in all his glory
so the son goes down  and the waters grow pale
until he returns for his bride
his pure spotless bride

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