Take Me to the Father

Take Me to the Father

Take me to the Father,
There can be no other.

Tired and weary I crawl,
Like a child fresh from a fall.
A son yet to be adopted, alone and Fatherless,
Orphaned (a bride before the wedding day) and homeless.

Take me to the Father,
There can be no other.

Alone I cry at night,
Just waiting for the sight.
Of your outstretched arms reaching from above,
And to hear the words, “My son it is you whom I love”.

To feel secure, to have release from the pain,
To be accepted and feel no shame.
Belonging with affiliation,
Wanted with affirmation.

As I look into your eyes my darling groom,
I know that there should be another in this room.
Don’t introduce me to any other,
Take me to your Father.

In wild expectation,
With intense frustration.
I am seeking no other,
I want to meet my Father.

Immature and raw,
Unlike ever before.

Abba, Father, Daddy,
This is me.
Scoop me up in your arms,
Protect me from all that harms.
I want to feel your heart beat tonight,
Hold me Dad, hold me tight.
As a child finds his Father cries,
Just be here to wipe the tears from my eyes.

I don’t have to do anything,
There is nothing that I have to bring.
I don’t have to say the right words to you,
There is absolutely nothing that I can do.
Because when all is said and done,
I am still your son.

Father, Dad, reveal, teach and lead the way,
Immature and young, grow me this day.
With the faith and innocence of a child, show yourself to me,
With the authority of your kingdom, let me see.

I want to see you at my wedding feast, I want to see you that night,
When me, the bride and you the lamb unite.
I want to see you in the clouds my fiery host,
I want to see you as you judge, when we fear you the most.

I want to see you when loosed is the chain,
The day the beast is slain.
I want to see you at the new heaven and the new earth,
I want to see you at Jerusalem’s new birth.
And I want to see you in our new home,
I want to see you seated on your throne.

In your splendour, your majesty,
Your fullness and beauty.

A living sacrifice myself I bring,
The twenty four elders they just sing.
Glory to God in the highest, hosanna to the King.
And me I’m undone, I am nothing.

Your son, the one you threw the party for,
Your son, the one you adore.
Forgiven, cleansed, purified,
The one for whom you cried.
The one you chose, the one you adopted, the one you sought.
The one for whom the amazing price you bought.

And you chose me,
How could that be?

Father come to my wedding and see me in white,
For soon is the day the bride and groom unite.
Come and see this adoptee dance into eternity.
Come and see this child, your son, set free.

Father I feel your breath on my face,
I lavish in that embrace.

Father, Father, Father…


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